Olio Val Neva

We cooperate with a family-run olive oil mill in the Neva valley to bring the taste of Liguria to your kitchens


Since 1850, the family of Stéfano has been producing olive oil for the people of the Neva valley. The olives all come from the groves of the local region, worked and cared for in a traditional and also modern way. The oil itself, Stéfano pro-duces still in the traditional way with a water-mill wheel and millstones at the foot of the Neva river.


Our olive oil is cold pressed and of the highest quality category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Ligurian sun and the salty sea winds let the Taggiasca and Pinola olives ripen in the best possible way. And after the harvest, less than 2 hours pass before the olives are processed to guarantee the highest taste experience.

For You

We bring you from now on every year a limited quantity of Olio Val Neva into your home kitchens. Bottled in 0.5 liter bottles, beautifully designed and with a practical dosing cap.
The perfect gift for your next dinner invitation.